Chandrakant Pandit Cricket Clinic

Program (Activities)

Keeping in mind the overall development of children CPCC emphasises importance of academics as much as sports and hence has introduced flexible batch timings to accommodate all the young cricket lovers

Annual Training Programme

A year long course to enable you to face every challenge that awaits on your journey to be a cricketing name to be reckoned with. CPCC offers you the opportunity to experience the life of a professional cricketer. Finest coaches, top notch facilities and most importantly a passion to create winners are basics of our training programme.

Summer Camps

You think you have all it takes to be the future star of Indian cricket but cannot find the time to train? We have the opportunity you would not want to let go - Summer Cricket Camp.

A two month training camp to hone your skills and achieve what you aspire


CPCC organises cricket tournaments with prestigious clubs in and out of Mumbai. This provides students with the opportunity to experience professional cricket in its most original form.

Outstation Tours

Prominent cricket clubs across states invite CPCC to participate in tournaments organized by them. CPCC selects students based on their cricketing skills and fitness levels to represent it at these tournaments. Nothing equips you better than a game away from home!

Beyond Cricket

At CPCC we believe in encouraging budding talent to explore and excel. The Chandrakant Pandit Cricket Clinic Annual Day is one such day where we invite each student to showcase any talent besides cricket, be it singing, dancing, puppetry, mimicry... you got it, you flaunt it!!!