Chandrakant Pandit Cricket Clinic

CPCC Offers

  • The stunningly beautiful campus and highly maintained pitch is perfectly located in the prime suburb of the city.
  • CPCC boasts a range of facilities to meet all coaching and training needs of international cricketing standard.
  • CPCC arranges visits of globally renowned cricketers to guide and offer tips to the students.
  • Umpires from MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) are invited to explain the laws of the game.
  • Based on their progress students are recommended to play for affiliated clubs of MCA in various tournaments.
  • Video analysis facility allows students to review and improve their game.
  • Students get an opportunity to play practice matches with other clubs and outstation teams.
  • The potential for the development of individual performance is complemented by match simulation practise and personal guidance by Mr. Chandrakant Pandit.
  • From bowling machines to net practice sessions the centre addresses every need of an absolute beginner in his endeavour to be cricketing star of tomorrow.
  • Each student follows a physical fitness program specially designed to address his nutritional and training requirement.
  • Physical fitness tests, endurance sessions, aerobic and anaerobic training for speed and agility are conducted regularly.
  • The course also includes regular yoga sessions and workouts at the gymnasium.
  • Each student has to appear for theory tests - written and verbal, based on cricketing techniques and rules of the game.
  • Coaches maintain individual records and updates of each student which are periodically shared with parents.
  • An annual meeting with parents is held to share the wards progress and the constant development programmes we undertake to maintain the impeccable standard of CPCC.